Investing in mid-size climate resilient infrastructure & nature-based solutions.

Experienced fund manager

SCF is managed by Pegasus Capital Advisors, an established global private markets impact investment manager with accreditation by the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and an extensive network in infrastructure, energy, and waste.


Impact & ESG Screening

  • Ensure alignment of investment opportunity with impact theme and SDG impact:
    – Sustainable Energy Solutions
    – Waste and Water Solutions
    – Nature-based Solutions
  • Assess Impact & ESG related risks & opportunities
  • Ensure compliance with exclusion and eligibility criteria and risk categorization

Impact & ESG Due Diligence & Assessment

  • Conduct Impact & ESG Due Diligence to identify and assess opportunities, risks and gaps through information compilation, questionnaires, interviews, site visits (depending on context)
  • Engage with stakeholders to derive further insights
  • Due Diligence & Assessment supported by IUCN’s technical expertise, Gold Standard methodology, and independent consultants as appropriate

Impact & ESG Goals, Metrics & Action Plan

  • Develop project specific impact and ESG goals and reporting requirements with investee(s) and in collaboration with Gold Standard aligned with internationally acknowledged impact and sustainability standards (e.g. IRIS+, GRI, SASB)
  • Create an Action Plan to achieve targeted impact, close ESG gaps and improve ESG performance and a grievance mechanism with IUCN’s Technical Assistance (depending on context)

Monitoring, Corrective Actions & Reporting

  • Collect and measure reliable impact and ESG data from investee(s) against pre-defined goals and metrics
  • Monitor and take corrective actions if needed
  • Create quarterly and annual reports on metrics, progress, target impact achieved, gaps, and possible measures
  • Proactively engage with investee to enhance impact and ESG performance



Verification of achieved Impact & Certification

  • Verify impact and ESG performance, outcomes and impact according to Gold Standard’s fund and project certification requirements through a third-party auditor
  • Obtain Gold Standard certification at project(s) and fund level
  • Ongoing monitoring, verification and reporting