A unique approach

The SCF benefits from blended, patient investment capital and technical assistance funding to ensure successful results for investors, donors, and the environment, aligned with numerous SDG co-benefits.
A holistic approach to creating long-lasting impact while enhancing ESG performance
Impact & ESG Screening
  • Ensure alignment of investment opportunity with impact theme and SDG impact:
    – Sustainable Energy Solutions
    – Waste and Water Solutions
    – Nature-based Solutions
  • Assess Impact & ESG related risks & opportunities
  • Ensure compliance with exclusion and eligibility criteria and risk categorization
Impact & ESG Due Diligence & Assessment
  • Conduct Impact & ESG Due Diligence to identify and assess opportunities, risks and gaps through information compilation, questionnaires, interviews, site visits (depending on context)
  • Engage with stakeholders to derive further insights
  • Due Diligence & Assessment supported by IUCN’s technical expertise, Gold Standard methodology, and independent consultants as appropriate
Impact & ESG Goals, Metrics & Action Plan
  • Develop project specific impact and ESG goals and reporting requirements with investee(s) and in collaboration with Gold Standard aligned with internationally acknowledged impact and sustainability standards (e.g. IRIS+, GRI, SASB)
  • Create an Action Plan to achieve targeted impact, close ESG gaps and improve ESG performance and a grievance mechanism with IUCN’s Technical Assistance (depending on context)
Monitoring, Corrective Actions & Reporting
  • Collect and measure reliable impact and ESG data from investee(s) against pre-defined goals and metrics
  • Monitor and take corrective actions if needed
  • Create quarterly and annual reports on metrics, progress, target impact achieved, gaps, and possible measures
  • Proactively engage with investee to enhance impact and ESG performance


Verification of achieved Impact & Certification
  • Verify impact and ESG performance, outcomes and impact according to Gold Standard’s fund and project certification requirements through a third-party auditor
  • Obtain Gold Standard certification at project(s) and fund level
  • Ongoing monitoring, verification and reporting