17 August 2022

Call for proposals to perform a feasibility study for a waste management project in Ecuador

Waste Pic

The economy of Ecuador, the upper-middle income country in north-western South America with 17 million inhabitants famous for its megadiverse flora and fauna, has ambitious climate mitigation commitment. Despite huge government efforts, an important share of municipal solid waste (MSW) is still being disposed in landfills and open dumpsites. The decomposition of organic waste in these landfills and open dumpsites leads to the emission of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. Today, the municipal waste management sector in Ecuador represents a huge potential to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and to improve the health and safety conditions of many informal waste pickers working on the landfills.


The Subnational Climate Fund is currently assessing an investment opportunity in a potential project to build and operate an integrated waste management facility in a city in the province of Manabi. In this context, the SCF is searching for a capable team of experts to conduct a full technical and economic feasibility study of the project. The Terms of Reference  (ToR) provides detailed levels of the tasks.

Please submit your proposal according to the requirements stated in the ToR before 24 August 2022 by sending it to project@regions20.org



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