November 14, 2022

Call for proposals: Feasibility study for an ecotourism project in Ecuador

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Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands are among the world’s twenty most irreplaceable ecosystems and a world-class tourism destination. Tourism is the major economic engine of the Galapagos, representing 20% of Ecuador’s tourism Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and almost 80% of the economy in the Galapagos. Traditional tourism is increasing with many uncontrolled hotels popping up that follow only few rules, boundaries, or limitations leading to an increase in the number of invasive species, and conflicts with conservation goals and authorities. The tourism sector in the Galapagos is responsible for almost half of the islands total energy consumption, emitting annually 17,708 t of CO2. Invasive species constitute the greatest threat to biodiversity conservation and are considered one of the causes of extinctions of native species.


The Subnational Climate Fund (SCF) is currently assessing an investment opportunity in a potential project located on one of the Galápagos islands which would develop a sustainable ecotourism model to support the island’s critically ecology and biodiversity. The SCF project will demonstrate how ecotourism in Galapagos can help convert invaded landscapes into functional healthy ecosystems. In this context, the SCF is searching for a capable team of experts to develop the project’s Natural Ecosystem Restoration and Plant Nursery Design Strategy, as well as a Biodiversity Action Plan and a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan. The Terms of Reference (ToR)  provide detailed levels of the tasks.


Please submit your proposal according to the requirements stated in the ToR before November 21 2022 by sending it to

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